father and son in storage room with mountain of potatoes

father and son in storage room with mountain of potatoes

Small Changes, Big Impact

Our commitment to the land is seen through the lens of a zero-waste plan where the entire crop finds a purpose and nothing goes into landfills.

The types of packaging we choose also play an important role in striving to reduce our waste. We use materials that are highly recyclable or have properties to help reduce food waste. And we are constantly seeking ways to help us improve our zero-waste efforts.

We are also working to address food waste, not just at the retail level but also for consumers by creating packaging that can extend shelf life and make sure produce stays fresh until the last delicious, nutritious bite.

Crop Consultants

Getting the most out of a field takes more knowledge and precision than ever. It can be hard for a grower raising a crop to keep up with technology, soil fertility and other factors.

Partnering with a crop consultant helps share this load. These are experts in the specifics of maintaining and improving soil fertility, effective and targeted pest management, ideal seed selection for the climate and soil type as well as helping select the best technological advancements for continued modernization

Ongoing research is a substantial and necessary part of farming. That’s why Earth And Time supports and participates in a variety of research projects focused on developing alternatives to pesticides and ensure long-term sustainability of our farms.