Growing Better Together

It starts with a common philosophy, shared values and a commitment to always doing our best.

Earth And Time represents a dedicated group of growers, farmers and producers who have set the standards when it comes to food safety, quality and innovation.

These standards are applied across everything we do – from the soil we till and the seeds we plant to the way we store and package food.

For us, it’s about taking the time to do what’s right – for the right reasons – for our customers, our communities and our planet.


A dedicated group of growers, farmers and producers who collectively provide high-quality produce across Canada and the Pacific Northwest


Partner with farm families committed to long-term relationships while meeting standards for taste, quality, sustainability and stewardship


E – Excellence

We deliver the best in everything we do

A – Authenticity

We conduct ourselves with integrity and purpose

R – Relationships

We know these are the foundations of our business

T – Trust

We believe a good partnership can’t proceed without this

H – Humbleness

We approach everything we do with humble gratitude

What We Bring To Your Table

Earth And Time is 100 per cent grower owned and operated, a partnership comprised of more than 65 family farms throughout Canada and North America. This group of caring, dedicated growers, farmers and producers is committed to meeting the high standards that have been set for taste, quality, innovation and stewardship.

We work closely with our growers to ensure that guidelines are followed and advanced food production techniques are implemented – all while taking care to see that farming practices don’t take any more from the soil than can be given back. Collectively, we all believe that if we take care of the land, the land will take care of us.

We know that farming runs in families, that the love for the soil, the seasons of growth and the pride that comes in providing food that will feed communities is a thread that ties generations together. It’s this care and commitment that keeps us constantly looking for ways to improve on how we do things: from how we grow crops to how we package food.

Our focus is always on making sure that we’re delivering our best while doing what we can to set the next generation of growers, farmers and producers up for long-term success and sustainability.