Fresh & Delicious Produce

People expect fresh, delicious produce that’s been grown to the highest standards for food safety and quality. Our comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Assurance processes make sure they get it. From field to fork, our teams work together to deliver the best possible produce.

Food Safety

Our growers are dedicated to ensuring premium-quality, food-safe produce – from the moment they select a variety tailored to each field to the last moment before it’s shipped out to our customers.

For us, it isn’t a final step in the process: it’s an integration of strategic, purpose-driven measures that we take along the way.

Crop Variety

Selecting the right varieties goes beyond suitability to an existing climate. Variety selection is based on several factors including flavour, natural resistance to pests, soil type, yields and rainfall.

Constant small-scale testing in a variety of locations and conditions, as well as the timing of when to plant, helps us understand what to expect when we sow larger scale fields. The top varieties then transition to full-scale planting, ending up in stores, homes and restaurants.



Soil Type

Knowing how soil type affects growing is key to sustainable, long-term farming.

  • Sandy soil is perfect for early season planting but can cause rough skin on certain types of produce.
  • Clay soil can add a wonderful minerality to potatoes but is not always ideal for root crops like carrots that reach down for the water.

We’ve found this perfect balance often takes time. Persistence and experience pay off in finding that “just right” combination of crop variety and soil type – with delicious results!

man in field looking at crops

man in field looking at crops

Good Caretakers

What’s the most important thing growers can do to maintain the health of their crops? Be a good, long-term caretaker of the land. As farmers and growers, one of our core principles is understanding that we – the current generation – must take care of the land today so that future generations will be able to use it.

A top tool for land and soil management is crop rotation – when a different mix of crops are planted to reduce pests, diseases and weeds that thrive when the same crop is planted year after year. The result is farmland that can continue to sustainably produce delicious product for generations to come.

lady opening storage door looking at mountain of beets

lady opening storage door looking at mountain of beets

Continuous Improvement

Being better doesn’t always mean making huge, sweeping changes. It’s about small, ongoing adjustments that help keep us moving forward in the right direction.

Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures we can deliver the best produce to our customers. This applies to everything we do: from selecting better choices of packaging to extend shelf life and reduce food waste to ensuring we utilize 100 percent of our crop.

For our family farms and home office team, continuous improvement is a goal that we work towards, 365 days a year.