Meet a few of our Earth And Time families

Earth And Time farm families share common goals and strong ethics. They’re also seriously dedicated to growing high-quality, food-safe, highly-nutritious, sustainable produce. We’re extremely proud of the eight farms that hold “century farm” status, which recognizes 100 years (and counting) of continuous farming operation.

The families of Earth And Time know the benefits associated with encouraging new ideas and embracing innovation and technology. More importantly, they look forward to welcoming new family operations – like-minded growers who share the same values and purpose and are passionately committed to delivering fresh, premium produce.

Felix Farms

The Guichon Family (since 1879)

In 1879, Laurent Guichon’s friend, Bill Ladner, persuaded Laurent to buy a thousand acres of “farmland” adjacent to the Ladner’s property on the Fraser River Delta.  That farmland was the beginning of Felix Farms. It was also the beginning of five generations of farming for the Guichon family in Ladner, BC.

For over 140 years, Felix Farms has been growing and harvesting premium potatoes and other great tasting produce. The farm has remained in the family and is operated by the five children of the late Jack Guichon, Laurent’s grandson.

Canadian Farms

The Sihota Family (since 1978)

The Sihota family has been in the farming industry for generations. After emigrating to Canada in 1978, the Sihotas started their first local farm, appropriately named Canadian Farms.

In addition to being the largest single carrot grower in Western Canada, the Sihotas also grow parsnips, cabbage and potatoes. Seed selection and a strong commitment to modernization play a huge role in their ongoing success.

Rod Burr Farms

The Burr Family (since 1873)

William H. Burr was an early pioneer in the Delta region. After emigrating from Ireland, he settled in the area in 1873, buying what was then called “wild land” from the government. Clearing began and farming followed in the early 1890s, with dairy, grain potatoes and other vegetables being produced.

In 1994, and through a couple more generations of Burrs, Rod and his wife Chris took the reins and expanded the farm to its current size.  Today, with their sons Jarrod and Jamis, and nephew Aaron, the fourth and fifth generation of Burr farmers are working that same Delta soil.

Year after year, they’ve proven that dedication to soil health is paramount and innovative land practices such as crop rotation and the crop selection can keep the land healthy and productive for the next generation of farmers.

Spranger Farms Ltd.

The Spranger Family (since 1963)

While Sprangers Farms Ltd. was officially started in 1963 by Jim’s father, Gerry, the family has been farming in the Cloverdale, BC, area since Gerry’s arrival from Holland in 1951.

Always focused on giving back to the industry, the farm was heavily involved in early soil conservation efforts in the area. The Sprangers helped develop new conservation methods to ensure the majority of soil remained in the field during harvest as well as finding natural ways to reduce erosion after the crop was harvested.

Jim and his family primarily grow red and golden beets as well as potatoes.

Badyal Farms

The Badyal Family (Since 2001)

Gurmukh Badyal started farming in 2001 with the support of his parents, his wife and kids, and the help of his younger brother and family.  The early days were difficult as the family persevered to build a farm dedicated to providing high-quality produce that would last for many years.

Today, the Badyal family proudly farms over 400 acres of sweet corn, green beans, broccoli, English peas and Brussels sprouts.  They continue to use sustainable techniques such as crop rotation to increase production while ensuring the soil remains healthy and fertile.

Shadow Produce

The Guliker Family (Since 2000)

Shadow Produce, owned by the Guliker family, is one of the largest growers of Brussels sprouts in Canada. The farm also cultivates delicious kalettes (a hybrid plant of kale and Brussels sprouts), corn, blueberries and cranberries.

For the Gulikers, farming at Shadow Produce is a true family affair with three generations contributing daily to growing nutritious produce.