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Food Safety Programs

Keeping produce safe for consumer consumption is extremely important because it affects everyone involved in the food system. While annual audits are important to ensure food safety is in place, all levels of an organization must be dedicated to keep it top of mind and ensure it’s part of daily practices.

As a member of Earth And Time, all our farms must be recognized as meeting the requirements of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). CanadaGAP, BRC Audits and Primus GFS all meet or exceed these requirements as well.

We work with the best third-party auditing companies including the NSF, Primus Labs and SGS.  Additionally, we recommend all farms adopt HACCP models in their operations. (HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, a preventative system developed by NASA and food safety experts in the 1960s. The HACCP principles form the basis of today’s food safety plans around the world.)

Our programs are forward-thinking, well organized and contain multiple review points from multiple sources to ensure we are sending out products our customers can trust.



Training & Consulting Services

Growing and delivering high-quality, food-safe produce does not happen overnight. We’re a community working together to understand and implement best practices while striving to modernize and add new techniques and technology.

This is part of our commitment to our grower families to keep improving and becoming incrementally better every day.


Grow With Us

Interested in becoming one of our growers? Committed to providing the very best product possible? Love the idea of being part of the Earth And Time community? We’d love to meet you! Let’s talk.

We have full-time staff dedicated to working with new and existing growers to ensure they excel in each of the following areas:

– Food Safety & Audits
– Social Responsibility & Audits
– Product Specifications
– Crop Planning & Scheduling
– Variety Selection & Key Attributes
– Packaging Formats & Sourcing
– Shelf Life Testing

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