Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Earth And Time?

We are 100% owned and operated by farm families who actively grow and harvest the crops we sell.

Do you use pesticides or herbicides?

Most produce farms use some form of crop management materials such as insecticides and herbicides (collectively known as pesticides). Earth And Time family farms, however, are working to completely eliminate the use of these products.

We’re achieving this by working with dedicated crop consultants who employ various techniques that will maximize crop yield while minimizing risk to plant health. This is commonly known as IPM or Integrated Pest Management.

Is any of your produce classified as GMO?

Earth And Time produce is not genetically modified nor do we use GMO or genetically-engineered products to grow any of our fruits and vegetables. Our varieties have been developed using traditional plant breeding methods such as tissue culture

Why do you pack some of your produce in plastic bags?

Plastic bags help preserve the freshness and flavour of our products while also adding to a longer shelf life. All our bags are recyclable and we check with various recycling groups to ensure we use materials that are accepted in most community recycling programs.

Check with your local municipality to see what facilities exist in your area.

How are you able to sell fresh vegetables year-round?

Just like a backyard garden, we harvest our products in the fall months when they’re at the peak of maturity and flavour. Our growers use traditional long-term storage techniques – think of your grandmother’s root cellar – but are much more technically advanced.

These large storage sheds are temperature and humidity controlled so the produce can be stored for several months. Another interesting fact: we store our produce unwashed in these sheds. This helps to keep them “dormant” while also locking in the flavour and nutritional value.

Just before they’re delivered to local groceries or restaurants, we thoroughly wash and grade each piece. And because we also partner with family farms all over the world. when our local storages are depleted, we turn to them to help source flavourful and nutritious produce.