Who We Are

We grow, harvest, package and supply delicious, nutritious produce for families across North America.


Who we are

Produce Categories

Above the Ground

Ever wondered where some of your favourite produce comes from? You might be surprised! See what we’re growing “above the ground”.


Below the Ground

Some of the best kept produce secrets can be found “below the ground”. See what we’ve got growing for you and your family.


Why Earth & Time


It’s about quality of product and our commitment to delivering on that in everything we do.

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Zero Waste

We reuse or recyle every part of the crop and our materials. Nothing goes into landfills.

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Our focus is on taking care of the land today so it will take care of future generations.

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A dedicated group of family farms who are committed to our high standards of quality, taste, innovation and sustainability. They are the reason that Earth And Time exists.


Holley and Cory, Swenson Farms (1935)

Westham Island